Do hands-free devices make things safer?

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Cell phones have long been seen as a danger when used behind the wheel. Laws popped up to prevent drivers from using their cell phones while driving. To allow people to still make use of calling features, there was the invention of hands-free technology. Most laws allow for hands free use of cell phones. If you are regularly using a hands-free device as you drive on Louisiana roadways, then it is time to learn just how dangerous that may be.

According to Live Science, hands-free devices do nothing to reduce the risks of using a cell phone when you are driving. It is not the actual device that causes distraction. The truth is it is the conversation. Much of conversing is about mental images. When you are talking to someone on the phone, you may create images in your mind about what the other person is saying. This distracts you. Your focus comes off the road and to the conversation. So, as you can see, using a hands-free device would have no effect on your safety issues.

There is a difference between talking to someone on the phone when driving and talking to a passenger. This is because the passenger is in the car with you and can see the roadway. He or she is likely watching the road and if he or she notices a hazard, the natural reaction is to stop talking. If you are in bad traffic, the person may not converse at all. The person on the phone, however, has no idea of road conditions or traffic issues and will continue to talk. That is why talking to passengers is not as distracting or dangerous as talking to someone on the phone. This information is for education and is not legal advice.

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