What is the most common office place accident?

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Of all the workplaces in Louisiana that you would expect to be dangerous, an office would probably not be one of your first responses. However, serious injuries can take place in any workplace, including office buildings. In fact, according to Albert Einstein College of Medicine, offices lead the pack in the number of injuries from falls. Plus, falls are the cause of the most serious office injuries. Overlooking this and thinking an office is a low-risk work place could put you at higher risk of becoming a victim of a fall when at work.

Falls around the office could occur due to many things. Often it is because of crowded areas or walkways that are not clear. You should make sure to be aware of shared spaces. Keep file drawers close to minimize the risk of someone walking into and falling over them. Wet floors also pose a huge risk. Spills or wet spots should be cleaned as soon as they are noticed.

Another issue is reaching or climbing to get things from high shelves. If you must get something from a high area, always use a step stool. You should never stand on a chair. Reaching too far and falling from your chair is another risk. Always get up to go get items.

A further fall risk includes inadequate lighting. If an area is dim, it can be difficult to see obstructions in your path, which increases your chances of falling. Burnt out lights should be changed as soon as possible and all bulbs should be put into lighting systems.

Preventing falls in an office requires everyone to work together to reduce hazards. This information is for education and is not legal advice.


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