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March 2019 Archives

Seaman's rights to maintenance, cure and unearned wages

According to the Cornell Law School Legal Information Institute, maintenance and cure, in brief terms, refers to a seaman's rights to compensation after he sustains injuries on the job. refers to benefits for day-to-day living expenses while refers to medical benefits. Louisiana law requires employers to pay maintenance and cure until the seaman is either to go back to work or has reached a point at which medical treatment can no longer benefit him. FindLaw explains maintenance and cure more in depth, as well as address the topic of unearned wages. 

The link between footwear and car accidents

There are all sorts of reasons why traffic accidents happen, including some which are less common or do not get very much attention. For example, the type of shoes a driver wears could affect their driving, and it may even cause them to lose control of their car. For example, a driver may be unable to hit the brakes in order to avoid a collision because of their footwear, or they may press too hard on the gas pedal.

How does rehabilitation help spinal cord injuries?

A spinal cord injury is devastating. Depending on the location of the injury, it could mean you lose the ability to use your legs or it could paralyze you from the neck down. There is no cure or fix for a spinal cord injury. However, rehabilitation can help you to feel and live better. There are many ways that rehabilitation helps and many reasons why your doctor will insist you do it.

What are different types of brain injuries?

The roads in Louisiana can be a dangerous place, especially with the mix of small and large cars, different drivers, and more. In some cases, harm can be disproportionate in a crash because of these factors, impacting you more than another driver of a bigger vehicle. This can lead to severe damage such as brain injury.

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