The link between footwear and car accidents

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There are all sorts of reasons why traffic accidents happen, including some which are less common or do not get very much attention. For example, the type of shoes a driver wears could affect their driving, and it may even cause them to lose control of their car. For example, a driver may be unable to hit the brakes in order to avoid a collision because of their footwear, or they may press too hard on the gas pedal.

During the summer months, many drivers wear flip flops, which can be dangerous if their shoes fall off on the road or even become stuck under a pedal. However, footwear that is common in the winter months can also be concerning, such as those who wear very large boots. Moreover, boots may be covered in snow or ice during the winter, which can also affect someone’s ability to drive. Aside from footwear that is common during certain times of the year, drivers may wear trendy or fashionable shoes that are less practical when it comes to driving. For example, someone may not be able to drive as well while wearing high heels.

It is vital to make sure that you are able to safely and properly operate your vehicle while on the road. Sadly, some drivers are careless in this regard, and they place other lives in danger by acting irresponsibly while behind the wheel. If you were hit by someone who was wearing flip flops or high heels, you may want to explore whether or not their footwear played a role in the crash if you decide to file suit.

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