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Understanding the Glasgow Coma Scale

After your loved one has suffered a traumatic brain injury in Lake Charles, the first and most important question you likely have for their caretakers will be if they can recover (and if so, what extent)? Answering that question with anything approaching exactness may seem impossible, yet people come to us here at the Hale Law Firm all the time asking it anyway. Like them, you may be surprised to learn that clinicians can develop a reasonably good idea of what one's long-term prognosis following a TBI can be thanks to a test known as the Glasgow Coma Scale. 

What is amnestic syndrome?

A catastrophic head injury in Louisiana may result in amnestic syndrome. You may recognize amnestic syndrome by its more commonly known name of amnesia. According to the Mayo Clinic, amnestic syndrome stems from damage to the areas of the brain that process memory. This damage can result from catastrophic injury such as severe trauma. Other possible causes include seizures, strokes, inflammation of the brain, tumors, degenerative neurologic conditions and alcohol or drug use. Amnestic syndrome can also result from psychological trauma. The term for this is dissociative amnesia, and it is one of the rare instances in which a sufferer may lose autobiographical information or personal memories, although this is usually temporary. 

How can I prevent struck by accidents in the workplace?

There are many dangers on a construction site and your employer in Louisiana works very hard to ensure you are as safe as possible. However, your employer can only do so much. You also need to do your part to keep yourself, your co-workers and anyone else on the site safe. OSHA has identified the four main accidents that cause the majority of fatalities on construction sites. The second most deadly type of accident is a struck by accident.

How to safely share the road with large trucks in Louisiana

Collisions involving large commercial vehicles and smaller passenger automobiles occur all too often in Louisiana, and they frequently result in serious injuries or death for the drivers and passengers of the lighter vehicles. According to the Louisiana Department of Public Safety, the occupants of these smaller vehicles suffer 78 percent of the traffic-related deaths due to such accidents. Therefore, when sharing the road with large trucks, it is important for drivers to follow certain safety practices to help avoid potentially serious, or deadly, trucking crashes.

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