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May 2019 Archives

Does blind spot detection always work?

Thanks to advances in detection technology, an increasing number of large commercial vehicles are equipped with driver assistance devices like blind spot monitoring (BSM) systems. BSM sensors can alert a Lake Charles commercial truck driver that there is a vehicle in the truck’s blind spot so that the driver does not turn and collide with the vehicle. But BSMs, as helpful as they are, are not always effective.

How long do comas last?

Lake Charles families who are caring for someone in a coma understand the agony of hoping their loved one pulls through. If you know someone who is currently in a coma, you may wonder how long the coma will last. There is no hard and fast answer, as coma patients may experience any number of different outcomes. Some people become fully conscious and are able to resume a normal life, while others may spend the rest of their lives in a coma.

Ship decks have specific hazards deckhands should know

Staying safe on a ship's deck requires careful planning. Not only must there be proper safety protocol on every vessel, the crew must undergo training to know how to handle unexpected situations. When there aren't proper protocols in place or when they aren't followed, deckhands and others on the deck can suffer serious injuries.

How safe are Louisiana workplaces?

Workplace accidents can and do happen all over the country, and Louisiana is no exception. However, citing evidence from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Louisiana Workforce Commission, New Orleans CityBusiness reports that the rate of workplace injuries in Louisiana is among the lowest in the country. 

Can you help your family member with a TBI to set goals?

When you find out that your loved one has been involved in a catastrophic situation that has resulted in a traumatic brain injury, your first thoughts may center on the likelihood of a full recovery. In serious cases, your family member may experience long-lasting effects that ultimately affect his or her ability to live life the same way as before the accident. However, with a well-rounded team of medical professionals in Louisiana, your loved one has a much higher chance of being able to recover and embrace the changes that resulted from their accident. 

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