Does blind spot detection always work?

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Thanks to advances in detection technology, an increasing number of large commercial vehicles are equipped with driver assistance devices like blind spot monitoring (BSM) systems. BSM sensors can alert a Lake Charles commercial truck driver that there is a vehicle in the truck’s blind spot so that the driver does not turn and collide with the vehicle. But BSMs, as helpful as they are, are not always effective.

As Carfax explains, a BSM system, like any technology intended to assist a driver, is no substitute for a person’s own driving skills. A driver who does not signal a lane change can foil a BSM. Switching on a turn signal is important because a BSM scans the lane the driver intends to turn into and will alert the driver if the blind spot is occupied. However, a driver that does not use a turn signal may not receive a proper alert. Speeding can also reduce the effectiveness of a BSM.

In addition, BSM sensors can be foiled if they are dirty. If you drive on a Louisiana road without washing your vehicle periodically, you are bound to soil areas of your vehicle with mud, dirt, and grime. Your tires can splash mud and dirt onto your sensors, or high winds can smear them with debris. Snow is also known to be a problem, though thanks to Louisiana’s warmer weather, snow is not likely to be an issue. However, ice still crops up during Louisiana winters, and icy sensors can malfunction as well.

Basically, blind spot monitoring functions best as a supplement to a driver’s skills, not as a replacement. Even if you approach a big vehicle armed with BSM sensors, do not assume that the driver will be aware of you because of BSM. It is still up to a commercial vehicle driver to be vigilant while on the road and to keep vehicle sensors clean on a regular basis.

Commercial vehicle accidents can happen in many different ways, so do not read this article as legal advice. Read it only for your educational benefit.

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