What to do if you spot an aggressive driver

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Aggressive driving can cause dangerous situations on Louisiana roadways. Despite this well-known fact, more than 80% of people across the country admit to having been enraged while driving, according to AAA. Whether you are stuck in traffic enroute to an important meeting or you are stuck behind a slow driver in the passing lane, you may have also been angry while behind the wheel at some point within the last year. Road rage can be troubling, however, because of the dangerous driving behaviors that often accompany it. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that over a five-year period, 56% of fatal car accidents involved aggressive driving behaviors, such as speeding. 

You should be aware of the signs of aggressive drivers, as you may be able to minimize your risk of becoming involved in a car accident. The Insurance Information Institute lists the following aggressive driving behaviors:

  • Excessive lane changing and failure to signal

  • Pulling out in front of or cutting off other vehicles

  • Excessive horn honking, yelling obscenities or displaying rude hand gestures

  • Passing other vehicles on the shoulder

  • Failing to yield to other drivers’ right of way, traffic signals, traffic signs or crosswalks

  • Racing other cars or speeding

Drivers with road rage may make sudden turns or display other impromptu moves that could catch other motorists off guard. They may even start a physical altercation or bump their vehicle into other cars. If you should spot an aggressive driver, it is crucial that you do not engage with them. Rather than yell back, race or cut off a driver with road rage, you should contact law enforcement and report the problem. 

This information is intended to educate and should not be taken as legal advice.



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