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September 2019 Archives

Louisiana truck/train collision has an unusual fatality

Nearly everyone knows that collisions involving large trucks are often deadly. When motor vehicles or pedestrians come up against a train, the results can be even more devastating. Almost nothing can withstand the sheer size, speed and force of an oncoming train. At the Hale Law Firm, we have seen numerous cases that ended up with atypical results. One such incident may surprise you and other Louisiana residents.

Auto accidents, sleep problems and the recovery process

A motor vehicle collision can cause someone’s life to spiral out of control in many different ways. They may not be able to keep their job because of injuries that they sustained, or they may experience financial hardships that are overwhelming. Sometimes, people who are involved in such a collision may have a hard time sleeping at night. For example, they may develop a sleeping disorder that prevents them from sleeping for very long, which can be detrimental in many ways.

Multi-vehicle truck crash in LA kills one and injures others

Accidents involving large trucks can often be unpredictable. Sometimes, the occupants of smaller vehicles are lucky in a collision with a big rig and escape with minor injuries. In many other cases, however, those who are involved in truck crashes in Louisiana and elsewhere are seriously injured or killed. Numerous factors come into play, particularly the size, speed and difficulty in maneuverability of 18-wheelers.

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