Multi-vehicle truck crash in LA kills one and injures others

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2019 | Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Accidents involving large trucks can often be unpredictable. Sometimes, the occupants of smaller vehicles are lucky in a collision with a big rig and escape with minor injuries. In many other cases, however, those who are involved in truck crashes in Louisiana and elsewhere are seriously injured or killed. Numerous factors come into play, particularly the size, speed and difficulty in maneuverability of 18-wheelers.

One such crash that occurred last August on Interstate 10 near Baton Rouge highlights the devastating impact of truck crashes that involve multiple vehicles. CDLLife reported that the collision involved five commercial vehicles and one passenger vehicle over the Atchafalaya Basin Bridge. Authorities believe the incident was comprised of three different crashes, which combined into a significant pileup. Two of the trucks were hauling flammable material, which caused a fire that spread throughout the other vehicles. Five people were injured and hospitalized, and at least one person was said to have died in the crash. Authorities were still investigating what caused the accident, as well as attempting to determine if the heat of the fire caused structural damage to the bridge and would pose a danger to future motorists.

Many truck accidents can be avoided if truckers are sure to drive well-rested and avoid distractions or intoxicating substances. In instances where a truck driver or a trucking company was determined to be at fault for a crash, the victims may be eligible to seek compensation for their medical expenses and other losses related to the accident.

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