Should you report an accident to Uber?

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Even in terms of Louisiana — a state known for its natural beauty and unique culture — the tourism and entertainment amenities in Lake Charles bring many visitors. This leads to a high volume of commercial vehicles on the roadways in town.

When you are injured in a crash, it is important to act based on the specifics of your case. Although you should always put your health and safety first, you should consider contacting someone who can address your specific legal concerns as soon as is practical. This should help you understand any possible consequences of your actions.

For example, reporting an accident to Uber could create a record of the event that the rideshare company would have control over. If you do decide to proceed with this type of action before you contact an attorney about your specific case, then it would probably be wise to at least document every step of the process as completely as possible.

There are some unique considerations if you have to bring a claim against a commercial vehicle operator in Louisiana. One of your first priorities should be forming the strongest argument possible, based on all available facts. This diligence is especially necessary if you are dealing with a large, international company. However, even small transportation companies may have powerful partners or aggressive insurance companies to help represent their interests in negotiation and during litigation.

Even though you have rights when it comes to auto accidents involving commercial vehicles, it is important to take your case as an individual occurrence rather than trying to apply generic advice. This article is not intended to provide advice. It is only meant to give you some background information.

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