5 hazards common in hot work jobs

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Many different types of job duties are necessary in the oil and gas industry. People who handle hot work are vital to these companies, but the individuals face serious hazards during the course of their shifts. Taking proper steps to ensure safety is critical so that these workers make it home safely at the end of their shift.

Each company must set hot work protocol based on the conditions at the job site. Some of these are universal, regardless of the situation. There are several types of hazards to consider when determining how to reduce the risk workers face. Addressing each of these can benefit the employees and the employers.


The fumes that come with hot work mean that workers need proper ventilation to get the oxygen they need. This can pose a problem when they are working in confined spaces, such as flowback tanks, sumps, cellars, mud tanks, pits or frac tanks. When this is what’s happening, a clear plan for monitoring the air quality must be in place.


Burns are possible when welding, grinding and doing other similar jobs. Using protective items like masks, gloves and face shield can help to prevent these injuries. Proper training can also help them to avoid having issues with burns. If a burn does occur, quick first aid can help to prevent the burn from becoming more severe.

Flying filings

Filings from grinding and other hot work can fly around, which poses a risk of skin or eye injuries. The face shield can protect the eyes and face but workers can opt to use goggles instead.

Cuts and caught body parts

Cuts and body parts being stuck in the machines are also possible. Before each use of the equipment, verify that the guards are in place and working properly. None of the equipment for these jobs should ever be used unless the operator is properly trained.

Defective components and tools

Some of the items used to complete these jobs might be defective. In these cases, the worker might opt to pursue a claim for compensation from the manufacturer. This third-party claim can help to cover the costs associated with the injuries and any time off work you had to take because of them.

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