Workplace accidents: Workers electrocuted while hanging lights

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2019 | Workplace Accidents

During the holiday season, it is common for towns and cities in Louisiana and across the country to put up various decorations. Often, individuals can see sparkling lights hanging from buildings or strung from lamp post to lamp post to create a festive atmosphere. While bystanders may enjoy such views, the people who hang those decorations could be at risk of workplace accidents.

It was recently reported that a serious work-related accident occurred when city employees were attempting to hang Christmas lights. Apparently, at least two workers were in a lift bucket hanging lights near a police station when the incident occurred. The police station lost power, and when the police chief went outside to investigate, he saw that one worker was hanging from the lift and another was standing in the bucket.

It appears that the incident occurred while the workers were hanging the lights. Unfortunately, the incident resulted in one worker suffering fatal injuries, and the other was critically injured. The surviving worker was hospitalized. Additional information on the workers and the incident were not available at the time of the report.

Workplace accidents, especially those that happen during the holidays, can be harrowing. The family of the deceased victim undoubtedly did not expect such a tragedy to strike. Now they and the injured worker may need to look into workers’ compensation benefits in Louisiana to determine whether they may be able to obtain financial assistance for the damages resulting from the work-related accident. It may be the interests of those affected to obtain legal support during this time.

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