Maritime accidents can have harrowing outcomes

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Though most people have jobs that keep their feet firmly on land, numerous individuals have jobs that take place on the water. Crew boats can serve various purposes, and some Louisiana residents may spend much of their time on the water carrying out work-related duties. Unfortunately, maritime accidents can happen that leave individuals with injuries or have other devastating outcomes.

It was recently reported that an accident took place on the Mississippi River and that two crew members are missing. Reports indicated that a boat was towing a boom when the vessel capsized in the water and eventually sank. The incident resulted in two crew members going overboard. The ages of the crew members were not given in the report, but it did appear that one was a woman and another was a man.

The individuals were considered missing at the time of the report, and after searching for 27 hours, the U.S. Coast Guard and other offices involved in the search suspended their efforts. It was noted that approximately 130 square nautical miles had been covered during the search with no success in finding the crew members. It was noted that the cause of the accident was still under investigation.

Though the families of the missing crew members may be holding out some hope that their loved ones will be found safely, maritime accidents often have harrowing outcomes. When the loved ones come to terms with the fact that it does not appear that the crew members will be found, it may be worthwhile for the families to consider their legal options for seeking compensation. Monetary damages may be awarded in successful Louisiana civil cases filed against responsible parties.

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