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February 2020 Archives

Boat accident claims life, severely injures passenger

Accidents can happen anywhere. Most people who operate boats for a living or recreationally know that a serious accident could take place on the water at any time. Unfortunately, a boat accident can lead to serious or fatal injuries for those involved, and compensation for damages may be needed.

Spinal shock can be a complication of catastrophic injuries

A car accident can change any Louisiana resident's life in an instant. Some may be lucky enough to avoid physical harm, but others could suffer catastrophic injuries. In many cases, those life-changing injuries can have side effects and complications that make the ordeal even more harrowing.

How are seamen protected by the Jones Act?

The Jones Act, which is the common name for the Merchant Marine Act of 1920, provides valuable information about maritime laws that govern the shipping of goods. It also covers important information about how worker injuries while at sea will be handled.

Car accidents can easily lead to life-changing injuries

Most people hit the road without thinking about other travelers. While many Louisiana residents may simply worry about getting to their destinations on time or the errands they need to complete for the day, it is important to remember that car accidents can happen at any moment. Unfortunately, many people may not think too much about them until they are involved in one themselves and suffer serious injuries.

Car accidents caused by road rage can prove fatal

Road rage is no laughing matter. Someone may feel irritated at another driver and drive in a way that impedes the other person. While this may seem like some simple revenge, it can escalate into a serious incident. Car accidents caused by road rage can easily prove fatal and have lasting effects.

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