Louisiana could see changes to lawsuits for car accidents

On Behalf of | May 26, 2020 | Car Accidents

No one wants his or her day to take a turn for the worse. Unfortunately, anyone traveling the roads is at risk of being involved in car accidents, and those incidents could easily have devastating and even life-changing outcomes. While many people choose to pursue personal injury claims after such an event, state law may be changing regarding that option.

It was recently reported that the Louisiana Senate intends to change the rules regarding car accident-related personal injury lawsuits. The vote result was 29-8 in favor of the change as the state hopes to limit damage claims that insurance companies and other businesses face. The desired outcome is that insurance rates in the state, which are among the highest in the country, will come down.

Among the changes could be putting a cap on certain damages, utilizing jury trials more often, increasing the amount of time victims can file lawsuits and limiting the ability for victims to sue insurance companies directly. Of course, the change could result in injured parties not getting the money they need to address the financial repercussions of a crash, say opponents. The bill is now pending debate in the House of Representatives.

Many people may worry about what this could mean for their cases if they are injured in car accidents. Fortunately, Louisiana attorneys stay on top of any changes in the law and could help concerned individuals navigate this issue if the change goes into effect. It is typically a wise step to discuss any legal matters with legal counsel before moving forward.

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