Man succumbed to catastrophic injuries after attack, 2 charged

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Attacking an unsuspecting person is a heinous crime. Unfortunately, some individuals carry out such acts in efforts to rob others or simply to hurt them. While the victims are sometimes able to get away unscathed, others could suffer catastrophic injuries due to the actions of another person or people.

It was recently reported that a fatal assault in Louisiana that took place on New Year’s Eve has led to charges for the attackers. The incident occurred when an 82-year-old bar employee was taking the trash outside behind the bar. A 40-year-old man and his 21-year-old son attacked the employee, stealing his phone and pushing the man to the ground. The worker hit his head, and he was unable to get up by himself.

An unspecified amount of time passed before another individual passing by helped the man to his feet. After the incident, the victim did not wish to receive medical attention, but the injury to his head had caused a subdural hematoma, or bleeding on the brain, and he succumbed to the injury at his home. Recently, the attackers were taken into custody and are currently facing charges for manslaughter, obstruction of justice and simple robbery.

The family of the Louisiana man who died from the catastrophic injuries he suffered are undoubtedly grateful that the attackers are facing charges. However, they may want to keep in mind that in addition to criminal legal action, the family could take civil legal action against these individuals. Filing a wrongful death claim could allow them to pursue compensation for damages resulting from the incident.

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