How prevalent are the dangers of fall injuries?

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Louisiana workers like you should go to work and do your job free of concerns about your health and well-being. Safety protocol are in place in most work environments to help out with that.

However, there are still incidents that happen that may create risk and danger for you and other workers. The risk of a fall is one of them.

How many dangerous falls happen a year?

The National Safety Council examines fall incident statistics in major work industries. There are tens of thousands of fall injuries in many different injuries across the country every year. The industry with the most overall fall injuries is the government. In 2016, 63,350 workers suffered from falls. However, they have a relatively low rate of mortality. 44 of those falls resulted in a death.

What does the industry breakdown look like?

Meanwhile, the construction industry has the highest rate of mortality. Of 24,700 people injured, 384 of them died. You may attribute this to the height at which construction workers do their job and thus tend to fall from. By comparison, the industry with the lowest mortality rate is education and health services. Of 43,660 people injured, 18 of them died. These are still large numbers, though. This represents a big issue in the workforce, and a major reason workers end up having to take time off to recover.

No matter what industry you are in, you can help stop fall injuries from happening. This is because the vast majority of fall incident causes are unfortunately preventable. Some of the top causes include outdated equipment and a lack of safety education. By finding and addressing these problems, fall incidents can get lowered.

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