Can a back injury keep you from working?

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Injuring your back on the job puts you out of commission for a few days or weeks, if you are lucky. But what if you are unlucky instead? Just how damaging can a back injury be?

Unfortunately, back injuries can have a lasting impact on sufferers. In extreme cases, it may even prevent you from returning to work.

Causes of back injuries

Mayo Clinic discusses the huge impact back pain has on the working population. Back injuries make up one of the leading causes of leave from work, costing individuals and industries hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Worse still, many incidents that cause back injuries are avoidable, too. Some of the top causes include:

  • Not getting enough breaks throughout the work day
  • Improper lifting techniques, especially when lifting heavy items
  • A lack of safety precautions, including warnings for trip and fall hazards
  • Too many people working in a small space

Fluctuating heal times

Back pain and injury cover a wide spectrum. As mentioned, some recover in days or weeks. Others end up immobilized for months. For some, the recovery process can go on and on for years. For example, a herniated disc might require surgery. You need to take time off work to go through this and then recover. The recovery itself might include months of physical therapy.

Of course, being out of work while paying medical bills puts you in a dangerous financial position. This is why many victims in your position contact a legal expert. They can help guide you toward the compensation you need to get through this difficult period.

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