Spinal cord trauma resulting from a commercial vehicle crash

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Commercial vehicles like semitrucks are responsible for some of the most horrific crashes in Louisiana, resulting in catastrophic injuries for occupants of passenger vehicles.

Because of size, weight and limited awareness due to blind spots, even the most skilled truck drivers struggle to maneuver in poor weather, hazardous conditions or heavy traffic. Infractions like drunk or distracted driving can make them downright deadly.

How serious is a spinal cord injury?

A spinal cord injury resulting from a semitruck crash can result in a lifelong impact on your health. Bruising, reduced blood flow or spinal cuts can cause weakness, poor coordination and even paralysis.

If you have suffered a spinal cord injury due to a commercial vehicle accident, you may experience significant trauma, preventing you from working or living independently. You may also face expensive treatment and rehabilitation costs.

Who is liable for medical costs?

In an 18-wheeler collision, determining fault is complex because the driver is not solely responsible for the truck. According to Louisiana state law pertaining to commercial liability, the following circumstances can impact the court’s finding:

  • The trucking company failed to hire competent drivers or neglected maintenance, leading to a subsequent accident
  • The cargo loaders did not secure freight, resulting in a shift and consequent collision
  • The driver drove impaired or tired, causing the crash

Because of these factors, building a strong personal injury case can sometimes be difficult to do on your own.

The aftermath of a big rig accident can be overwhelming, but you have the right to pursue recompense for your pain and suffering when someone else was negligent.

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