What you should know about workplace burn injuries

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If you work in a refinery or at a petrochemical plant, you are at risk of an accident that results in serious burn injuries. Not only are these injuries extremely painful, but they can limit your ability to return to work and your normal life.

The Cleveland Clinic states that even among those who sustain burns on 90% of their body, many people survive following the initial accident. But this typically occurs after significant and expensive medical care and therapy.

Common causes of workplace burns

Although you may assume that burn injuries occur mainly after exposure to excess heat and fire, there are a number of ways workplace burns can happen. For example, you may sustain a burn injury coming into contact with industrial chemicals in gas, liquid or solid form or when exposed to wires and lighting. Burns can also occur after exposure to radiation and even the cold.

Types of burns

There are three different types of burns: First-degree burns, second-degree burns and third-degree burns. First-degree burns damage the top layer of the skin while second-degree burns harm both the first and second skin layers. Third-degree burns cause damage to all of the skin’s layers, in addition to the tissue lying underneath the skin.

If you incurred third-degree burns at work, you may require significant medical treatment and rehabilitation. These burns may also have occurred not due to your negligence but due to lack of proper safety controls or faulty equipment at your workplace.

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