Louisiana car crash turns fatal after run-in with truck

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As you drive alongside a vehicle on a highway or any other road, you may wonder what would happen if it suddenly swerved. Some truckers or other drivers may act erratically or fail to stop in time to avoid a crash with you.

Learning more about common problems with 18-wheeler trucks and other vehicles can help you as you navigate confusing road situations.

Dangerous incident

According to 4WWL News, a man living in Larose died after a serious collision with a semi-truck on a road near the Louisiana highway. Immediately following this crash, both the truck and the car fell into a drainage canal before coming to a stop. Although there are not many additional details, officers say that the trucker only suffered minor injuries and they expect him to recover.

Problems with distractions

Distractions both on the road and within a vehicle can greatly influence how quickly someone reacts to potential danger, such as an oncoming car. Another passenger or a cell phone, along with many other sources of noise, could potentially distract someone. Driving at high speeds can also lead to a loss of control over a vehicle.

Unsafe drivers

The speed of the other vehicle can also leave both drivers at risk for a sideswipe accident, which happens when a car or larger vehicle rams up against the side of a car. At extreme speeds, such as on a highway, additional people on the road may need to swerve out of the way or risk injury.

Whether you are facing the aftermath of a collision with another car or a truck, staying wary of unsafe drivers around you may help you make important decisions.

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