4 common myths about the Jones Act

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The Jones Act, also known as the Merchant Marine Act of 1920, is a federal law that governs maritime commerce within the United States. Over time, it has become surrounded by several misconceptions.

It is very helpful to separate fact from fiction when seeking information about the Jones Act.

Myth 1: The Jones Act benefits shipowners

While it’s true that the Act provides job protection for U.S. maritime workers and supports the domestic shipping industry, its benefits extend far beyond that. The Jones Act is vital in safeguarding national security interests and ensuring a robust domestic maritime industry. It also provides valuable protections to maritime workers, giving them hospitalization, recovery and other benefits.

Myth 2: It hinders disaster relief efforts

Some believe the Jones Act impedes disaster relief efforts due to its restrictions on foreign-flagged vessels. The Act includes provisions allowing temporary waivers during emergencies, ensuring foreign vessels can promptly assist in disaster relief efforts when needed.

Myth 3: It stifles competition and innovation

Contrary to the belief, it fosters a competitive environment among U.S. shipowners. This encourages investment in the domestic maritime industry and can even drive technological advancements.

Myth 4: The Jones Act applies just to ships

While ships are a primary focus of the Jones Act, it applies to other vessels engaged in transportation or exploration activities within U.S. waters, such as offshore drilling rigs and platforms. This broader scope protects domestic maritime interests and injured maritime workers.

Understanding the truth behind these myths allows you to engage in informed discussions about this significant legislation affecting the nation’s commerce, maritime workers and security. The Jones Act provides security and protection and may cover you if you spend more than 30% of your time at sea.

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