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Avoid risky driving around commercial trucks

Any car accident can cause serious injury or death, and accidents involving large commercial trucks can be absolutely devastating. Unfortunately, many drivers do not drive with care around commercial trucks, and often contribute to very serious accidents that they could have avoided. Commercial truck drivers face a number of additional difficulties that consumer drivers often don't consider.

Chronic pain: Getting the diagnosis right is the first step

Injuries take place for many reasons, and as someone with an injury caused by another party, you're dealing with the stress of the injury as well as the injustice of the situation. It's important for you to obtain compensation, but it's also important to know how to handle your injury.

These 4 causes of truck accidents can impact you forever

Imagine being on the highway during a busy rush hour. You already don't like being on the roads with truck drivers, and now they're all around you. You're being extremely cautious, but in only a few minutes, you've noticed drivers changing lanes without using their turn signals and weaving in and out of traffic.

Toxic neighbors: Filing a claim after suffering from exposure

You have been living near a factory for some time, but you've recently realized that much of its waste seems to be emptying into your local creek. Although you believe the materials probably went through filtering, the people in your area have been coming down with unusual illnesses.

Maritime injuries: Understanding the Jones Act

Working on a vessel can be a dangerous profession. If an injury occurs, maritime workers may have to seek help through a different route than traditional workers’ compensation. The Jones Act creates such an avenue for maritime employees to seek compensation but you need to understand how the system works.

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