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What are the components of chemical hazard labels?

When you work with hazardous chemicals on a job site in Louisiana, those chemicals must have a specific label on them as ordered by the federal government. This label is kept universal so you can easily understand the label on any chemical you work with. However, even though the label is always the same, you also need to understand what information is on the label and how to interpret that information.

Why is proper safety training important?

Regardless of where you work in Louisiana, your employer should have given you some safety training when you first began your job. This safety training provided you with a good foundation for staying safe while at work and understanding the safety risks that are present in your work place. According to Arbill, proper safety training includes ensuring it is ongoing. It should not just occur once and be forgotten.

How do I report an unsafe work environment?

No worker in Louisiana should be exposed to harm in the workplace. While some occupations are inherently dangerous, those dangers should never be because an employer is not providing proper safety equipment or following safety standards. If you feel your workplace is unnecessarily unsafe, then it is well within your rights to report it.

How can workers minimize the risk of asbestos exposure?

Many construction, plumbing and industrial workers in the Lake Charles area are aware of the dangers they face on the job. They may have even seen and heard ads on the radio and television about the dangers of asbestos exposure and how it can cause mesothelioma and other serious and life-threatening respiratory diseases and illnesses. 

How can workers avoid burn injuries on the job?

Burns are a common type of injury in many Lake Charles area work environments. Employees are exposed to chemicals, electrical and thermal hazards that increase their risk of burn trauma. According to the National Law Review, out of the “1.1 million burn victims that receive medical attention each year, approximately 4,500 of them die.” Many of those individuals suffered burns while they were performing their jobs. 

How can workers prevent workplace accidents

When it comes to workplace accidents in the Lake Charles area, many workers do not realize the role they play. Usually, employers assume the blame when accidents occur that leave their employees hurt or dead. Though injured employees can receive workers’ compensation benefits, the pain, suffering, inconvenience and lesser standard of living are often not worth having to go through the process. 

Ways you can effectively prevent falls in the workplace

While the risks of getting injured at work are present at any job, you may be well aware that those risks are heightened significantly in the construction industry. Because your workers are required to work at height to complete their assignments, they are subjected to increased danger from falling. Fortunately, with your proactive leadership, you can help your workers stay safer and effectively prevent falls from happening in the workplace. At Hale Law Firm, we understand the risks construction workers face and have experience helping Louisiana companies to facilitate workers' compensation claims.

How can a fatal work accident affect employees?

Most people in Louisiana spend around 40 hours every week at work. It is common to become attached to co-workers. You may even become friends with them. The connections can often be deep. When a fatal accident occurs in the workplace, the toll it takes on everyone else can be huge. According to EHS Today, your employer should be prepared for a fatal workplace accident and be ready to provide services to you and the other workers to help you deal with the incident.

What are the most common causes of workplace accidents?

Workplace accidents affect everyone. Whether they are minor or severe, they lead to lost work time, wages and can decrease employee morale. Fortunately, most Louisiana workplace accidents occur due to preventable actions. This means you have the opportunity to make your workplace safer and prevent many accidents simply by knowing and understanding the things you should and should not be doing when on the job.

Operating machinery safely in a workplace setting

Every day, hundreds of Louisiana residents spend hours at work to make a living and support themselves and their families. However, some of these people risk significantly more than others depending on the type of industry they work in, the job responsibilities they are assigned and the environmental exposures around them.

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