Seat belt use saves lives in car accidents

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Each day, drivers and their passengers face various hazards during their commutes. One of the best things motorists can do to minimize their risk of serious injury and death is to wear seatbelts. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “crash related-injuries and deaths decrease in half when seat belts are used.” 

Despite Louisiana being one of several states with primary seat belt laws, many motorists continue to operate their vehicles without buckling up first. Common reasons why drivers do not buckle up include: 

  • Traveling short distances – Car accidents can happen at any time, regardless of the amount of time or distance traveled.
  • Seat belts are uncomfortable – Seat belts may seem like they are uncomfortable. But when they are properly adjusted, they are not. 
  • Safe driver – Even the safest of drivers are at risk of becoming involved in car accidents. Their defensive driving skills are not enough to compensate for the actions of drunk, reckless and distracted motorists. 
  • Airbags will protect them – When seat belts are not worn, the effectiveness of airbags decreases. Air bags are designed to work in conjunction with seat belts to provide maximum protection for motorists. 
  • Trapped inside of car – Some individuals believe they will become trapped in their vehicles after a collision. Ejections are one of the more severe incidents that can occur in a motor vehicle crash. Three out of every four serious car crash victims are likely to become projectiles and die states 

There are other reasons that some drivers use to justify them not wearing seat belts. No matter what they are, seat belt use plays a major factor in whether accident victims live or die from motor vehicle collisions. Also, as dangerous as the streets are and unlawful as it is to not use seat belts, some motorists do not realize that the chances of them losing their lives increases tremendously without them.

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