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May 2017 Archives

What is a Mansfield bar?

Large vehicles on Louisiana roadways pose a huge threat to passenger vehicles in the event of a crash. You have likely heard about such accidents. The government sets rules and regulations to try to make large trucks safer. Some regulations have been the result of what was learned in an accident. This is true for the Mansfield bar.

The problem of teen drinking and driving

Louisiana drivers have the responsibility to drive safely. This includes not getting behind the wheel when they are under the influence of alcohol. Unfortunately, many teenagers are not listening to the warnings and obvious risks of drinking and driving. According to the American Association for the Advancement of Science, thousands of teens are dying due to driving while impaired each year.

Amnesia: Causes, symptoms and treatment

Amnesia is one of those conditions that has been romanticized by Hollywood and in books. However, for people in Louisiana who actually suffer from the condition, it is anything but a fairytale. Amnesia is a condition of the brain, and because the brain is not 100 percent understood yet, it means the condition is not either. According to Medical News Today, the general definition of amnesia is the inability to recall or retain memories.

The causes of spinal cord injuries

Victims of car collisions and other types of accidents in Louisiana and throughout the nation may be left with serious injuries that can affect their lives for years to come. Spinal cord damage is just one type of catastrophic injury that may cause permanent damage to people who become involved in an accident. The fragile nerves of the spinal cord can be damaged when the hard, bony vertebrae is fractured, crushed, compressed or dislocated. These vertebrae press against or crush the fragile nerves that run through the spinal column. This may cause swelling, inflammation and bleeding. Fluid may begin to accumulate around the spinal cord, causing even more damage.

Study: Mild TBI may have long-lasting effects

When people are involved in an automobile collision, a slip-and-fall accident or have an object fall on their head, they may receive a traumatic brain injury. Traumatic brain damage can potentially cause long-term damage, which can make it difficult for people to return to work and engage in simple everyday activities. Although there have been many studies done on moderate to severe brain injuries, less research has shown the effects of mild brain injuries on victims.  A recent study published in Neurology found that even mild brain injuries can cause long-lasting cognitive damage in people who have been through minor accidents.

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