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Catastrophic injuries can have long-lasting effects

Any type of serious accident can have life-changing outcomes. For some people, catastrophic injuries, like traumatic brain injuries, could result from various incidents, from falls to car accidents. Unfortunately, these incidents could occur due to the recklessness or negligence of another person while the victim ends up suffering.

Wrong-way car accidents often send people to the hospital

No driver wants to see another vehicle heading straight toward him or her on the roadway. Unfortunately, some drivers fail to maintain the correct lane when traveling, and when they cross into the other lane of travel, head-on car accidents commonly occur. These events typically have serious outcomes and can cause injuries to those involved.

Hotel collapse, like other workplace accidents, proves fatal

When a serious accident occurs, many people can be left stunned, and they can also suffer serious repercussions from the incident. Unfortunately, some workplace accidents can have this type of outcome, especially for the workers involved and their families. Injuries and fatalities are, unfortunately, not uncommon in the construction industry.

The risk for a fatal trucking crash keeps going up

Driving is dangerous, but there are certain issues and vehicles that are more dangerous than others. To keep people safe on the road, the federal government tracks statistics about all kinds of traffic accidents and collisions. The information they gather allows for careful consideration before creating new policies. It can also help drivers make better safety decisions based on statistical danger.

Bus accident raises new questions about safety

Many people in Louisiana and around the country often ride a bus as their means of getting to and from school or work. In some cases, these buses are driven by entities managed by cities or municipal agencies. Other buses are owned and operated by independent companies. School districts also have their own network of buses and bus drivers. All people who hold licenses to operate these vehicles should be aware of how they can keep their passengers safe.

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