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May 2020 Archives

Louisiana could see changes to lawsuits for car accidents

No one wants his or her day to take a turn for the worse. Unfortunately, anyone traveling the roads is at risk of being involved in car accidents, and those incidents could easily have devastating and even life-changing outcomes. While many people choose to pursue personal injury claims after such an event, state law may be changing regarding that option.

Product liability claims could stem from work-related accidents

Families never want to receive the devastating news that their loved one has died. Of course, accidents happen every day, and in some cases, those injured in such events do not survive. Work-related accidents can easily have fatal outcomes, and it may be worthwhile for affected families to consider their legal options.

Fatal car accidents highlight the fragility of life

Life is immensely fragile. Many people do not care to think about their possible demise and with good reason. It can be depressing to think about the possibility of death often, but even though many individuals prefer to keep it out of their minds, it is impossible to do so sometimes. For example, when car accidents claim the lives of loved ones, there is no escaping this harrowing reality.

Man succumbed to catastrophic injuries after attack, 2 charged

Attacking an unsuspecting person is a heinous crime. Unfortunately, some individuals carry out such acts in efforts to rob others or simply to hurt them. While the victims are sometimes able to get away unscathed, others could suffer catastrophic injuries due to the actions of another person or people.

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