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The unique dangers of truck rollover accidents

Like anyone in the United States, you encounter large trucks regularly when you drive on the freeway or on city streets. Commercial 18-wheelers are an essential part of the economy for people in Louisiana and elsewhere, but at the Hale Law Firm, we are all too aware of the dangers that big rigs also pose for those who share the roads with them.

Numerous factors regularly contribute to large truck accidents. Some are caused by the truck driver, such as driving while fatigued or intoxicated, speeding, not paying attention or driving recklessly or aggressively. Road and weather conditions, such as potholes, gravel, wind, rain, ice and congested traffic may also cause a truck driver to lose control. You could also be involved in a truck accident if you encounter a truck that contains improperly or unevenly loaded cargo or has problems with its brakes, tires or engine maintenance.

Any truck accident caused by the above factors can be serious, but rollover accidents may be especially devastating. As you can imagine, a rollover accident would be terrifying to experience – if your vehicle is not crushed by a tipped truck, you could be involved in a chain reaction crash or harmed by spilled or burning diesel fuel or cargo. Officials from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration say that 78 percent of rollover accidents are caused by trucker error.

You can learn more about the risks you face sharing the road with big rigs, as well as possible routes for compensation, by visiting our page on truck accidents.

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