3 specific injuries that can impact those on seafaring vessels

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People who work on ships are often faced with some very serious hazards. These can produce grave injuries that can lead to needing time off work and could even be career ending.

As you head in for your time on the vessel, remember that you are in control of what you do. This, however, doesn’t mean that you are responsible for all of the safety components on the ship. Instead, your employer is the one who has the duty of making sure that you have a safe place to work on the vessel.

Head injuries

There are many issues that can lead to head injuries on the ship. A common one is that you don’t duck when you are walking through the gangways. Doors between compartments have lower uppers that are easy to hit your head on as you move through it. Dogs on the hatches can slam into your head if the hatch closes before you make your way down to a lower deck. You also face the risk of head injuries if you slip or fall, as well as if something on an upper deck comes slamming down to your location. Even things on shelving can topple in rough waters and fall on your head.

Amputations and lacerations

Mooring the ship and having any lines under tension can lead to amputations or lacerations if they snap. It isn’t easy to prevent this, but one of the most obvious ways is to avoid standing in the bight. Anyone working in the danger area should pay close attention to signs that the line might give way. Creaking sounds are one of these signals.

Eye injuries

Always ensure that you protect your eyes while on the vessel. When you are working with any hazardous chemical, you should use protective eye equipment like goggles. You also need to protect your eyes if you are doing ship maintenance, which can include chipping, painting or cleaning any part of it. You must be especially careful if you are working in an area above your face because you will have to look up, which can put the eyes at an increased risk of something falling into them.

If you were injured on a seafaring vessel, you have specific rights that you must ensure are respected. Your legal right to seek compensation for the damages you suffered are one of these. You should act quickly because you are bound by specific deadlines.

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