Equipment a major cause of workplace accidents in many jobs

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The reality is that anyone can suffer injuries from any job. However, some workplace accidents occur more often than others and can affect certain occupations more commonly than some. As a result, some Louisiana workers may be at greater risk of suffering serious or even fatal injuries on the job.

Some jobs involve working with certain equipment or other objects that are dangerous themselves. In fact, contact with objects and equipment was the second-most common cause of workplace fatalities in 2018. These incidents can involve workers being hit by falling objects, getting caught in operational equipment or suffering injuries from machinery. Reports indicated that logging workers see the most fatalities from contact with objects and equipment.

An even more common issue in many professions is transportation incidents. These incidents have resulted in over 2,000 on-the-job deaths and account for 40% of all job-related fatalities. Occupations that see a high number of these incidents include lawn service, construction, agriculture, trucking, refuse and recyclable materials collection, fishing, and aircraft piloting. Plus, there are numerous other work-related hazards, like slips, trips and falls, that could easily contribute to serious or fatal injuries.

Suffering injuries on the job can cause substantial setbacks for workers as they recover and families who lose loved ones in workplace accidents. Though workers’ compensation may be able to offer some financial assistance, it is possible that third-party personal injury claims may apply in certain situations. As a result, individuals who suffered injuries or lost a loved one in a work-related incident may want to have their situations evaluated by knowledgeable Louisiana attorneys to fully understand their options.

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