Can truck drivers avoid distractions?

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As a professional truck driver, you need to make sure you avoid distractions so you do not get into a collision.

You may think you are not distracted behind the wheel if you are not using your cellphone. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, your cellphone is not the only source of distractions in your truck. Changing the radio station or programming your GPS can also take your attention off the road.

Avoid technological distractions

Using technology behind the wheel can cause a crash because these devices take your eyes and mind away from the road. You should not use your dispatch device while your truck is moving. If your device has a lockout feature, you should use this setting. Additionally, check your company’s policies about using the dispatch device. Your company may allow you to use this device behind the wheel in certain situations.

Because you know the cellphone can pose a distraction, you should not use this device behind the wheel. This includes dialing a handheld phone and sending text messages. Use a voice-activation setting or pull over if you encounter a situation when you need to make a phone call.

Avoid other distractions

You may want to eat a snack to help you get through a long day on the road. However, eating and drinking can distract you. You usually have to take a hand away from the wheel. If something starts to spill, you may pay more attention to the food than the road. You can prevent this kind of distraction by pulling over if you need a snack.

Additionally, distractions can come from outside your truck. If you read bumper stickers and billboards, you may not see brake lights in time. Pay attention to what the other cars are doing so you can slow down or stop if necessary.

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