What are the most common types of head injury?

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Louisiana drivers like you can suffer from surprising damage to the head and brain if you get into a crash. This damage can range wildly, from small bumps and minor headaches all the way up to severe and permanent brain damage.

Each head injury type comes with its own risk levels and recovery rates. Thus, it is important to understand which is which when delving into research on head injuries.

Concussions and fractures

Mayo Clinic looks at all manner of head injuries, determining what some of the most common are. First are concussions, which is at the top of the most common list. This happens when your brain bounces against the inside of your skull, causing it to bruise. A blow to the head is the most common cause. However, you can suffer from a concussion due to the body getting impacted too hard.

Skull fractures are another injury. If your skull gets fractured, pieces of the bone may break loose. They can cut into the brain tissue, which may lead to bleeding or more severe issues.

Bleeding in the brain

Another problem with brain bleeding is intracranial hematoma (ICH). This happens when there is bleeding under the skull on the brain that clots. In some cases, they are mild. In others, they are extremely severe and life-threatening.

A contusion is a bruise that can form on the brain. You may suffer from swelling and bleeding in the area, too. As with the rest, contusions range from mild to severe. With any head injury, you will want to see a doctor immediately. They are the only ones that can properly asses your injury and risk level.

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