Why do TBI victims behave differently?

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After suffering from a brain injury, victims often experience several effects in the aftermath. For example, many go through changes to their temperament. These changes can range from mild to severe. They can also vary wildly in how long they last.

What should you know about these potential temperament changes? What are the most common? Why do they happen at all?

Impulsivity and rashness

Mayo Clinic discusses the impact of a traumatic brain injury on the life of the victim. For many victims, the changes to temperament revolve around anger, impulsivity and ability to cope with stress. This happens because the type of injury determines its effects. For example, the frontal lobe handles your self-regulation and control. When damaged, you have a harder time watching what you do or say.

Likewise, impulsivity and rashness can tie directly to your temper. Many TBI sufferers will lash out at loved ones and seem to gain an explosive temper out of nowhere. Some experience normalcy again, but it still creates an uncomfortable and potentially traumatic experience for the ones close to you.

Low stress tolerance

As for stress management, victims often find themselves incapable of dealing with life’s little stressors. You go through each day running into small stressors. But your body and mind are able to respond to them in a healthy, appropriate way, allowing you to get through the day without issue. Without this ability, you may feel overwhelmed by the smallest thing that goes wrong. This can even interfere with your work life.

If you find your life interrupted due to a TBI, consider contacting a legal expert. They can help you navigate the aftermath and gain compensation.


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