Why is drowsy driving on the rise?

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Dangerous driving behaviors come in all shapes and sizes. Drowsy driving is one of them. But unlike some other forms of dangerous driving, drowsy driving is actually on the rise in recent years.

Why is drowsy driving a continued phenomenon? What makes it so prevalent among drivers of all sorts?

Prevalence and inevitability

Sleep Foundation examines the dangers related to drowsy driving. The first is its prevalence, which continues to rise. Experts speculate many potential reasons for this. First of all, drivers often get a false sense of security about driving drowsy. Any time someone drives while tired and makes it to their destination successfully, it gives them a confidence boost. It makes drowsy driving seem easy and risk-free. It tempts people into doing it again and again.

Next, drowsy driving sometimes comes across as an inevitability. This is especially true with how tired the average citizen is. Many students and workers alike do not get enough sleep every night. Still, they must make it to school or work the next day. This means many people sacrifice safety to get to their destination. This also contributes to the first point.

A lack of laws

Finally, very few laws actually address the dangers of drowsy driving. It is nearly impossible to ticket a driver for drowsiness alone. It is often the side effects that get a driver in trouble, if anything does at all. For example, an officer might pull a driver over for speeding. That driver might have sped due to falling asleep at the wheel, but may still walk away with just the speeding ticket.

Thus, drowsy driving will continue to be a big issue among drivers. Until more happens to bring attention to its dangers, all drivers share the same risk.

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