Third-party liability in the workplace

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Working at an industrial site is rewarding for many people, but some jobs pose serious risks. An explosion at a refinery can send heavy debris to workers down below, a builder can fall off of an unstable ladder, an accident at a petrochemical plant can lead to third-degree burns and so on.

It is important that workers redeem the compensation they deserve when something goes wrong. Tool manufacturers, clients and other business owners are just a few possible culprits. When a worker gets injured due to someone else’s negligence, a third-party liability claim may be on the table.

Determining the cause

With some hazards, it is unclear what exactly led to the problem. A poisonous gas release, for example, could be because of a faulty canister, but it could also be because someone used the canister wrong. The blame could also be on several parties to some extent. In Louisiana, an injured worker should be able to prove to the Department of Labor that the accident was due to an individual or group’s negligence.

Getting recompensation

Before seeking recompensation, the claimant should have an idea about the resultant medical costs. The Department of Labor will then ensure that the liable third party pays an amount that should cover all the expenses. This amount will also depend on how much the party was at fault, which the Department of Labor decides.

When it comes to industrial jobs, many things can go wrong for many different reasons. Some workers do not bother to solve the problem because of its complications. However, no matter the situation, an individual should know his or her rights after an injury.

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